A New World for Creative Entrepreneurs

A New World for Creative Entrepreneurs

ALLi_IRC2015-RGB_websitetabsolidLove, joy, and everlasting abundance!

That is SO not the image of a creative life I was raised to believe in. Every story I heard of a “successful” writer included deep isolation in the woods, many up-ended wine glasses, and daily fits of rage and desolation when the right word did not appear. Or the muse did not cooperate.

Sound horrible? It did to me, too. So I spent years avoiding (and longing for) a life filled with creativity. I was convinced I had to choose between a life of no creativity and paying the rent OR a life abundant in creative output combined with a stomach that growled in protest.

Thankfully, I discovered a different path. A fresh path. And a dear friend (Kathryn Cottam) who shared my vision.

We imagined a life filled with joy, flowers, love, food, travel, friends, gorgeous homes, AND ever-flowing creativity. Days overflowing with stories and evenings decorated with movies, discussions, and dinner parties.

Until that moment, we only had our belief that it was possible. We hadn’t begun the search for like-minds and other visionaries. Imagine our delight that the instant we looked for compatriots, we found them. Everywhere!

Okay, not everywhere. But we found many, many others who believe in a big-hearted, abundant, loving journey while being a generous creative power in the world.

Need some examples? Marie Forleo. Danielle LaPorte. Dr. Christiane Northrup. Tosha Silver. Elizabeth Gilbert. Joanna Penn. To name only a few (off the top of my head). There are SO many more!

Including the extra-fine folks at IndieReCon. These brilliant, creative peeps are putting on a FREE online conference for authors. Not just a conference…but a place to discover your tribe. To learn and build a support network. They have amazing competitions designed to give visibility to independent authors and their book designers — while donating the prize money to the winning book cover and book description.

Check out the IndieRecon conference. Tweet about them! Post about them on Facebook. And vote for your favourite book cover and description!

Full disclosure: I would love for you to vote for Messenger, Blue Moon, Fabled, … and an upcoming collection, Bella Luna. But, above all, vote from your heart! Voting starts April 13th.

Being creative is a brave new, glorious world filled with companions, love, passion, and abundance. When you make that choice.

And I choose the abundance camp. Every time! xo

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Kate Tremills
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