Autumn Inspiration

Autumn Inspiration

OrangeLanternsAh, the beauty of fall. I step out my door into glowing sunshine and crisp air. Within seconds, I am in awe of the colours. Purples, reds, yellows, oranges, and dark green. A palette so rich I cannot help but feel pulled to explore.

After a spell outside, soaking in the world, I often find I am pulled back inside. To my office. And my stories. Something about this time of year beckons to my inner creator. Perhaps its the cooler temperature. And less of a need to be making the most of the sunshine.

I feel as though there is something deeper. Like an old pull from the earth herself … or the ways of our ancestors. Everywhere I look right now, there are spiderwebs. The ancient symbol and goddess of creation and birth. Weaving tales and sucking the last essence from life.

Death and birth weave through every area of our lives. From the smallest choices, like replacing an old blouse with a new one. To the largest transitions, such as building a new home or losing a loved one. Life shifts. Our identity changes. And we find ourselves in the cauldron of transformation.

Perhaps its my Celtic blood, but I love the sweet melancholy of the fall. Luring us to remember what has come before and reach for what is yet to come. These memories and aspirations pull me to write new stories. Like a Siren song, they bring a longing to touch the threads that connect me to my ancestors and my readers. Weaving us together in the rich, varied tapestry of life.



Kate Tremills
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