Believe in You

Believe in You

RoseYour true voice. Do you believe in it?

The world is filled with pictures, words, slogans, songs, creations of all types. No matter what you make, odds are you will find people doing something comparable. Whether the colours are the same, the brush strokes eerily similar, the protagonist sports identical clothing or happens to be a werewolf (like yours). So many worries can derail your voice.

Ignore the window dressing. Your creation comes from your heart.

Even if all the plot points in the story are the same – as we see in Hollywood every day. Or the fabric and colour palette in your Spring collection looks too much like numerous other lines. If you are truly creating from your centre – your heart – your deepest sense of who you are. Others will respond to your authenticity.

Only you can tell your story. Only you know the hidden truth inside longing to be shared.

The easiest way to deny our light in the world is to claim the lamp already exists. How could it? You were born to shine your unique brilliance on the planet. Think of all the people who inspired you. And how you would feel had they never mustered up the courage to share their deepest truth.

Believe in your creations. Stay true to your heart. And respect the beauty in others.

These are the stepping stones to a beautiful new world.

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Kate Tremills
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