Big Life, Big Canvas

Big Life, Big Canvas

June Hunter - Hummingbird

June Hunter – Hummingbird

This morning, I awoke with the usual thoughts spinning in my head. The ones that are so familiar. Then a much brighter, fun voice piped up and said, “Each day is a beautiful, blank canvas!” And my creative self said, “YES!! Let’s get painting!”

My home as a child was filled with artists. Big-hearted, big-ideas creative people. And they were terrified of that creativity. So it turned into destruction.

Like when we awaken and our heart wants to play … and our mind says, “No. No. You must be responsible. Here is the list of things you must do.” Yes, we have responsibilities. Yes, we have people we commit to. And we want to honour those commitments.

AND … what is your commitment to yourself?

I have set aside my creativity – or put it into other people’s vessels – for so many years, it almost broke my heart. Actually, each day it broke my heart. Now, I hold a hand out to that broken heart and ask, “What do you wish to share, my love?”

Is there a sharing that you hold so close to your heart because you are too scared to share with the world? THAT is the canvas whispering to you. Luring you to the brushes and paint in beautiful service to your life.

The truth is there are places in the world where if you express yourself, you might die. Yet, courageous men and women step up to their canvas in those places and say — This is MY life. I WILL share my voice.

So, my beloved ones, what is your canvas? What must you share?

Though it feels like a death-defying act … you are leaping off the branch of your safety. Into the arms of your divinity.


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Kate Tremills
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