Blue Moon: Release

blue moon

Blue Moon: Release

Blue Moon CoverWriting a book is an intimate journey. I never know exactly what adventure I signed up for. Each twist and turn opens and examines a new space in my heart. Peeking in corners that may have been dusty for years.

Yet, the writing journey is familiar. Not exactly comfortable, but it’s a road I know well. I have confronted many subjects, listened to countless critiques, and confronted my Inner Doubter (a.k.a. the vicious older cousin of your Inner Critic). The one who wanted to take a blowtorch to my manuscript. Oh yes. That Inner Doubter can be a scary mofo.

But nothing prepares you for launching your personal creation into the world. Is it exciting? Yes! Is it a moment to stop and be proud. Hell, yeah! And it’s profoundly terrifying. Because you’re putting a reflection of your soul out into the world. A little piece of your heart. And that takes a bucketload of courage.

On March 17, I launched my latest novel Blue Moon. The first book in the Fated trilogy.

I am a little in awe of seeing the book available for sale. Mostly because this tale and I went on quite a journey. And now, my motherly duties are done. While I guide my novel through the labyrinth of promotion, I cannot control who will love this creation and who will hate it.

And so, I wish her well in the world. Fair skies, kind winds, and open arms to receive her. Many blessings.


Connect with me on FacebookTwitter, and GoodReads. My latest novel – Blue Moon – is now available in paperback and ebook on Amazon!



Kate Tremills
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