Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration

IMG_1717When I first started writing, I believed writers had to be alone to create. Even bringing my laptop to a cafe verged on cheating. How could a work be mine if I wasn’t pounding the keys and fretting over every syllable by myself?

Creation requiring solitude is another well-honed story in the creative mythology.

Somehow, in that myth, if I do anything with help from another human being, the story is no longer my creation. I was not worthy of the title of “author.” The prize was not earned. Any wonder why addiction and self-doubt go along with that version of creative archetypes?

If we tell the truth, is any creative endeavour really accomplished alone? Any invention? Chemical formula? Soliloquy?

I have not created a thing in my life without a tool invented by someone else. Support from a loving friend. Applause from a kind teacher. There have been countless kind words. And even the harsh words have built my strength and resolve.

The idea that we create alone is an old, worn out concept that does not serve any of us.

Take a moment today to consider all the people who have helped you. The ones who made you dinner. Or paid your wages. The barista who asked what you were writing. The friend who listened to you at 3am.

Each moment is a gift … and an inspiration.

Why would we ever want to claim that we did it alone? There is a whole world at our feet and in our hearts. And that is the world I choose.

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Kate Tremills
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