Creative Friends

Creative Friends

IMG_1936Inspiration sparks from many sources. Some days a story is lurking in a news event on the radio. Other days, a scene wafts by with the scent of fresh bread from a favourite bakery.

What I never expected along the inspired path was how invaluable creative friends would be.

Many a day appears when I need a creative boost. A pep talk. A totally outrageous thought on how to make a scene work or get my protagonist speaking to me again.

Even if your friend does not share the same creative pond — an entrepreneur and a writer, a florist and a clothing designer, an architect and a choreographer — what you will share is a spontaneous, curious, and vibrant mind.

Playing with ideas is the lifeblood of the inspired life.

Creative compadres understand your passion. They thrive on the same fuel. And, more than anything, they have compassion for the days when you are running on empty. Surround yourself with creative, curious friends. They are the ones who will lend you a torch when your fire is about to go out.

And, guaranteed, there will always be a day when you get to return the favour.

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Kate Tremills
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