The Creative Truth

The Creative Truth

IMG_1190Today, someone I was chatting with said in all earnestness, “Everyone else in my family is creative. But I didn’t get that gene.”

Statements like that break my heart.

We are all creative. Each one of us wakes up every day and invents her life. We make more creative decisions than we ever notice or give ourselves credit for. We are so used to believing the lie that we aren’t creative, that we forget how brilliant we truly are. This very person who declared she was not creative, dresses with impeccable style. She invents spontaneous solutions at her work every day. She tells entertaining stories with barely any effort.

How is it that this lie gets propagated? And how many times do we hear it before we own it as our truth?

Every moment, we have the brilliant opportunity to reinvent how we approach our life. That notion may sound grandiose and overwhelming, but its truth is found in the smallest actions. Start with this classic exercise. Ask yourself “what if” and fill in the blank. Such as, what if…

  • I took a new route to work today?
  • I spontaneously snapped pictures with my phone?
  • I wore pink every day for a week then switched to purple?
  • I played with how I sweeten my favourite recipes?
  • I walked around a new neighbourhood to gather ideas for my garden?

Creativity blossoms when we try something new. Give yourself the gift of being spontaneous. Faith in your creativity will grow with every action.

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Kate Tremills
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