The Creativity Box

The Creativity Box

For years, I kept my creativity in a box.

My creativity was released from the box when I was writing. If I was crafting a screenplay or a TV series or brainstorming with other writers, that was an acceptable outlet. After those hours (days, weeks), the creativity went back in the neat, little box. And was not allowed out to play in other areas.

Not for travel. Not for gardening. Not for dinner parties. Or planning romantic getaways with my sweetheart. Nope. Creativity was for artistic pursuits. Ones that made (or could make) money. Otherwise, that creativity stayed locked in its little (and I do mean little) box.

Believing that creativity exists for only one artistic outlet is the path to a limited life. Even if you adore one mode of art, sending all of your creative energy down that single channel means all the other areas of life get short-changed. Much like expecting your hubbie, partner, or significant playmate to be your sole source of connection, expecting one area of your life to satisfy all your creative needs is keeping your creativity in a box.

When I finally looked up from my computer after years in film, I saw the thorny overgrowth and copious amounts of weeds that had popped up in various corners of my life: travel, love, friends, community, and adventuring. After I got over the shock (and reflex self-blame), I came to realize these were new lands to explore.

Showering love and attention on these neglected areas was a chance to create my life. A life based on my curiosity. Figuring out what makes ME feel alive and fulfilled and inspired. After all, isn’t that one of the best parts of being creative? Finding your own voice? Discovering your own way?

Imagine using your infinite creative power to shape every corner of your glorious life. Then imagine every person you know doing the same. The world would change radically.

And what a beautiful world it would be.



Kate Tremills
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