Fantastic Fridays: Fates, Gods, Myths, and Messengers!

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Fantastic Fridays: Fates, Gods, Myths, and Messengers!

messenger coverI adore stories. Kind of obvious from an author, right?

But I love them SO much that I am sharing excerpts from my fantasy novels, fairy tales, and upcoming stories every Friday for 2016. Fingers crossed, I will even feature stories from wonderfully collaborative fantasy authors!

Without further ado, here are the first two pages from my novel, Messenger.

My world is dying. And I am on the run.

The others cannot see it. In fact, they are fighting for the very world they need to let go. But my father could see it. He knew that life was about to get tenuous and I had to be hidden.

When life gets frightening, people act out. They take their fear and they send it into the world. They burn. They rape. They pillage. They chase away the very thing that holds hope in the tender palm of an open hand.

I cannot blame them. It makes me angry. But I cannot blame them. People have forever crushed the things that scare them most.

And nothing is more frightening than a thing not understood.

This is what has brought me to the church. A tiny church. Filled with kind, brave souls who understand what I feel. They do not speak the words out loud. For to do so would call the monsters to their door.

But they know. They know I am what these times need. What they have prayed for over many decades.

And they have agreed to give me shelter until the time comes that I must leave.

They know I am a Messenger.

I see it in their eyes. They understand that a Messenger, by her very nature, cannot stand still.

She can wait. She can rest until the Message is ready…but once she has received it, she cannot hide anymore.

To do so is to forsake the gift of the Message.

That would be the most dangerous thing of all for her. And the World.

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Kate Tremills
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