Fantastic Fridays: Helen & Logan

Fantastic Fridays: Helen & Logan

tree with sunIn the game of life, we don’t immediately know who will be our allies and who will be our enemies. We must risk. Explore. And jump in to make that discovery.

When Helen meets Logan in Blue Moon, she has very little on the line. Her curiosity. But not much else. Until Logan surprises her … and their worlds are changed forever.

Enjoy! xo

This is a disaster, Helen thought, reaching her limit.

She waited two hours with only the exchange of a long silence and a passage from Twelfth Night to show for her time. By this point, she had usually secured at least a bedmate or a three-course dinner.

All she had here was the faint notion that she had earned this gentleman’s respect. Or at least his curiosity. Then there was the odd sensation that he saw straight through her … like he had known her for years.

That was the feeling that made Helen bolt.

She pushed her chair back and stood. “Thank you for your time,” Helen said. “But I think there has been a mistake.”

“Wait,” Logan countered, standing.

“I believe we were meant to meet one another, even though —” he said, then paused. She sensed he was considering his next move before completing his sentence. “You did not have an appointment today.”

Her eyebrows went up. Logan knew she had come here under false pretenses, without offering as much as a story or a reason. And yet, he had waited. For two hours. Not only that, he wanted her to stay.

What could he possibly want? Helen wondered.

She wasn’t worried. She didn’t fear for her safety. She was curious.

Helen couldn’t help it. She had played this game so many times and not once had someone figured out she was pretending. Logan had figured it out and chose not to judge her. That was the clincher.

She had never been around this bend in the road. Her body tingled with excitement. Like she had passed a turn and saw a breathtaking view for the first time. She could not look away.

Helen sat back down, and Logan followed suit. It struck her that he hadn’t needed two hours to figure out her ruse. He had known she was lying from the moment she arrived. Or pretty soon after. Yet he wanted her to stay.

Had she been approaching her game all wrong? Was Logan an ally rather than an opponent? She wondered.

Helen was a little thrown by the thought. She had taken care of herself for so long, she didn’t have the wiring to process that someone might be on her side.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, her rational side cautioned. He just asked you to stay. He didn’t offer a trust fund and a penthouse by Central Park.

“What do you propose we do?” she lobbed the ball back into his court. A cautious step. She was willing to play, but didn’t want to appear eager.

Her move brought a slight smile to Logan’s face.

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