Fantastic Fridays: Queen Isabel

queen isabel

Fantastic Fridays: Queen Isabel

queen isabelAt the birth of our heroine from Messenger, her mother realizes the fate of her daughters. Torn between her role as Queen and her heart as a mother, Queen Isabel must face her choice.

Set many years before Gabriella flees her homeland, Queen Isabel is the prequel to the Great Lands trilogy. Discover the story that started it all.

Enjoy! xo

The day the twins were born was the hardest day of Queen Isabel’s life. When she gazed into those beautiful faces, she knew they would only bring trouble. Her heart leapt that she had given birth to girls; and at the same time, wept for their future.

Birthing girls a mere hundred years before would have been a blessing celebrated throughout the land. Their arrival announced with joy in every village. Everyone grateful that the matrilineal line was alive and well, and the sacred gifts would be passed on.

Isabel sighed as she held the two girls closer. So much had changed in a century. She had a sinking feeling much more was to change in a shorter time. The future most mothers were excited to plan, only gave her chills. The girls squirmed, as though they knew her burden.

Isabel tried to lighten her thoughts. What was this morbid line of thinking on such a blessed day? She had given birth to two beautiful, healthy daughters. A wonderful feat in itself! And, for once, she had been left in blissful solitude to bond with her two little ones.

She looked up at the elegant nursing room. Designed and decorated just for her comfort. A room whose sole purpose was to hold the Queen in a calming and quiet nest after the birth. A chance to breathe and recover and allow her to adjust to a very new role. The mother of two heirs to the throne.

Isabel drank in the quiet. She knew this would be a rare and fleeting experience. She almost never had time to herself as Queen and partner to the most revered King in the Great Lands. But now she was also a mother.

As much as the daily duties would not fall on her, she was responsible for teaching these little souls how to rule. She gazed at them, so similar and yet, she knew already they were different. Isabel wondered how soon she would come to know their gifts. Whether they would be forced to hide them or used to their advantage.

She sighed. Again with the dark thoughts. She was annoyed by this storm cloud hanging over one of her most glorious days. Why did her impulse keep straying to protection? Was this a normal, maternal instinct to be expected while her young were vulnerable? Is this how every mother feels in the wild? Perhaps she was merely in tune with the ancient ways.

Isabel looked up at the fading sunlight, retreating back along the dark mahogany floorboards and the soft woven rug. As though even the sun had sensed her mood and was pulling away. Sending in her elegant yet emotional replacement, Luna.

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