Harness the Frustration

Harness the Frustration

fire1Inevitably, we all have weeks when the creative spark just does not light.

Whether we need a break or time to process, those weeks happen. There are many approaches to a week like this … including countless tomes about powering through it, sitting your butt in the chair, get ‘er done. Sometimes those work for me.

This week, they didn’t. Plain as that.

So, what do you do? That’s when I believe you just have to say, f*ck it. Throw the rules out. Give yourself some space. And above all else, have faith that if you keep working with the frustration/exhaustion/irritation, the honesty pays off.

In my experience, lying to yourself just delays the transformation. And makes one heck of a mess.

The writer-ly part of my brain loves weeks like this. Why? Because you will never understand your antagonists, villains, and bad dudes unless you have weeks where you want to (but you don’t … need I say it) BLOW THE WORLD UP. Feeling that fury means you can write it honestly. And your book won’t resonate deeply with readers unless you love all of your characters. Especially the crazy ones.

So this week was far from lost. I got to live in the space of the villain for seven days. And I LOVED it. Letting the “bad feelings” rip for days is the perfect antidote to acting nice and pretending in the world. I believe there is alchemy in all feelings when we own ’em and love ’em. (Check out the brilliant Karla McLaren for more on that topic.)

Give yourself permission to revel in the badness of it all. Your life and your art will thank you.

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Kate Tremills
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