Raise the Bar: Part Two

Raise the Bar: Part Two

VeritasThe bar-raisers in my life come in all professions, ages, and places.

I have been inspired by soft-spoken, kind-hearted people sitting next to me in a class. They offered compassion and patient listening when everyone else was concerned with getting ahead. I have been lifted up by lightening bolts of truth from fearless companions who would not allow me to settle for less than my Zone of Genius.

Passionate action-takers come in all forms. And touch each of us in different ways.

My biggest criteria for the bar-raisers in my life are courage, honesty, authenticity, and love. Those traits are indispensable. That doesn’t mean I always like the message that comes with their loving honesty. Sometimes the words genuinely piss me off. But I can always count on these folks to act from a place of wanting the best for me.

I have many that live within ten feet or ten kilometers. And I have ones that live thousands of miles away. Regardless of distance, I feel their fire with me. And if I forget, I reach out and call. Those moments instantaneously raise the bar for both people in one gesture of brave vulnerability.

Then there are the bar-raisers I have never met in person.

These are the special people who change your life without having ever seen your face. Transformational authors like Dr.Christiane Northrup who has deeply empowered my approach to health. Or the beautiful wordsmith, Sarah Addison Allen, whose magical prose lured me back to writing fiction when I had all but given up. And the compassionate and funny, Tara Brach, whose voice guides me to work, allowing me to arrive with a bigger heart and a softer step.

Every day is an opportunity to spark the creative flame higher. Always choose people who fuel you.

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