Real Creativity is a Never Ending Adventure

Real Creativity is a Never Ending Adventure

Sirens_150x150_whiteAm I not supposed to like this? That question popped into my mind as I began speaking on a panel at the Sirens Conference last October.

Diving into your passion brings a lot of surprises. The tasks you thought you’d enjoy, but end up forcing yourself to do. The social media platforms you griped about only to adore the people. The activity the whole world told you to be afraid of, and you discover it feels natural.

The biggest surprise so far? That I love speaking in public.

Oh yes. That scariest of all scary adventures. I plunged in with the brilliant Kathryn and Roberta Cottam — and we had an absolute ball! We hosted a panel about Haunted Landscapes … physical places (or humans) haunted by events and memories. From brainstorming the proposal to creating interactive audience questions, the process was deeply inspiring. We played with dozens of ideas, threw out more, reworked the best ones, then came full-circle back to an in-the-moment experience.

The incredible organizers at Sirens made our first collaborative panel amazingly rewarding. Our room monitor was a pro. The audience was keen and engaged. The technical devices worked seamlessly. And we were a go! We did a spectacular trust-fall back into the supportive arms of Sirens and shared straight from our hearts. The participants responded with equal courage — offering personal and passionate stories related to landscapes that haunted them, whether from novels or their lives.

Most amazing was how the sharing bonded all who attended. Throughout the rest of the conference, we would see one another in the buffet line, at the elevator, or out taking a stroll. And more stories bubbled up to be shared. Realizations and inspirations continued to appear long after the official event.

When we initially proposed the panel, we wanted to contribute to the conference. To be part of something special. By the end of Sirens 2014, we were changed women — all from the stories shared at an intimate and powerful event. We even created the author interview content now seen at the end of our latest collaboration, Fabled: 17 Tales You Think You Know!

If you can attend Sirens 2015, go. If you have a notion for a panel, send it! You will be challenged, inspired, and lifted to a whole new level. And truly, what else could you possibly want from life? xo

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