Sensual Serendipity

Sensual Serendipity

This summer has been unlike any other summer for me in many years. I turned the clock back to the days when, as a child, I would lie in the grass and gaze at the sky.

I chose to place pleasure above all other pursuits. And even then, I do not pursue her. I have thrown open the doors of my heart and welcomed her into my life.

I spent many years chasing purpose. Believing I needed to work hard, juggle many endeavours, and pursue mightily. No more.

Each day, I surrender to the delights of life. The feeling of the wind brushing against my skin. The sound of the bees in my garden. And the scent of lavender.

I listen to the grasses. Watch the dragonflies. And remember a time when the simple pleasures of life rose above all else in the summertime.

This is the sensual serendipity of my life. Full of beauty. Graced with joy. Blessed with wholehearted love.

May you find the serendipity of your life whispering in your ear … calling you to the sweetness of your true desire.



Kate Tremills
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