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Share the Love

books and creationsIn the spirit of my post about Creative Friends, I am giving props to a few people who supported me to write my first novel. All while balancing full lives and putting their own creations into the world. Without these compadres, my journey would have been far more arduous and a lot less fun!

Kathryn Cottam, author of Shoemaker, A Tale of Love, Magic and Unnatural Acts. Not only is Kathryn a brilliant, original writer, she is amazingly generous. She matched every crazy leap with me up the publishing ladder. And no matter how dizzying the height, she was game to climb to the next level.

Elaine O’Connor, award-winning journalist and magazine writer. This woman does not believe in, “I can’t.” Even on the days when I felt most frustrated and she had her own full-plate of challenges, she always came through with an inspiration. Elaine believes in the power of doing – and never giving up on your creative ideas and gifts. Soon, she will be offering her own book to the world!

Peter Darbyshire, prolific and brilliant author of The Mona Lisa Sacrifice. Peter answered more questions from me about publishing than anyone should have to without copious amounts of beer. Honest, kind, and always available, I felt confident after our sessions that I was taking the right path for Messenger.

And, of course, all of the amazing writers, kind friends, and supportive fans along the way.

This is only the beginning of the gratitude train. I will share more about my support network in weeks to come. Who has helped you in your creative endeavours? Share about them on Facebook or Twitter!




Kate Tremills
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