The Pure Joy of Discovering Worlds

The Pure Joy of Discovering Worlds

CherryBlossomBlissWhen I travel, the bliss of a new place is feeling the energy. The rhythm of the people, the essence of the buildings, the inspiration in the landscape. Every location on this planet has a distinct feeling… a special offering. No matter whether you match its particular vibe, every place is a blessing.

I had a dear friend in university who once told me he could not stand being outside of a city. If someone dragged him on a hike, he was miserable. He missed the buzz, the asphalt, the smell of exhaust, and the absence of grass. I admit, I was a bit mortified. And I had to respect that he knew what made him happy.

I was mortified because I cannot imagine living somewhere without access to trees, flowers, flowing rivers, or the ocean. Even as I look out the window in my creative space, I see an enormous maple tree, my garden, crows, chickadees, robins, lavender and more. The natural surroundings nurture me and feed my creativity.

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When I write, I feel a similar love for the worlds I visit. No other place feels like the Great Plains in Messenger or the dark underbelly of Amsterdam in Blue Moon. I love diving back in. Much like the excitement of getting on a TransAtlantic airplane and jetting off to Paris, I feel the rush of exploring new streets, meeting new people, and discovering a yet-unseen palace or garden.

Inquiry: Do you feel the same rush when you dive into a new book? What are your favourite worlds? Why do you love them? Tweet me or comment on my FB page!

Whether I am reading, writing, or travelling, the pure joy of discovering a new world is unparalleled. I live for the adventure! I love the rush of curiosity flowing through my veins! And I adore passing on my discoveries to others. xo

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