Trust the Flow: Part Two

Trust the Flow: Part Two

succulents_ktremillsI could hear the questions in my  heart as soon as I finished the last post. What about the days when the words don’t appear? How is that flow?

Trusting the flow means some days the words don’t come.

I understand that there are many approaches to tackling this lack. Pushing through the resistance. Using stream of consciousness (when it’s working). Plunking down whatever words come to mind then editing afterwards. All of these are time-honoured approaches. And I have used them … each and every one. Including berating myself all along the heavy-footed way.

Trusting the flow means taking a moment to pause.

Sit in your chair or stand at your window and stop. Breathe. Allow yourself a moment to go inside. Under the resistance. Beyond the urge to pound out the quota. Sink deep inside to ask whether you are procrastinating, evading, resisting a deeper place that the writing wants to go. Then ask whether the words are ready. Ask if you are ready.

On the days when the words don’t flow for me, more often than not,  I need to go for a walk, cook a meal, or sit in a cafe watching the world go by. Something inside me is resisting the story and needs time to work itself out. Who knows why? Sometimes the walk is a gift – getting me outside and offering just the right inspiration.

Trust yourself. Trust your process. And always take a deep moment to listen.

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Kate Tremills
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