Vote for My Book Cover

Vote for My Book Cover

Messenger Book Covers

Two Covers, Only One Book

In late April, 2014, I will release the paperback  of my debut novel, Messenger. Throughout the publishing process, I have learned many things. Not the least of which is  – YES! – people really do judge a book by its cover. I know I have. The book cover may not seal the deal, but it definitely convinces you to give the book a chance.

On that note, I would LOVE for my readers and potential readers to weigh in on which cover you prefer for my print edition. Thanks to the amazing design skills of Renee Alarid, I created two possible covers:

Which cover do you prefer? You can just tell me Left or Right. Girl or Map. Light or Dark. Or send me details. Tell me which one you love and why. I want to hear your thoughts!

The process is really simple — which one would convince you to pick up the book? You can tell me via the poll on Facebook, send me a tweet on Twitter, or write me a note right here on my website.

By the end of this week, I will send the official choice to my publisher. I cannot wait!



Kate Tremills
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