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Creativity blossoms and nourishes our lives. The myth is that only artists work with creativity. Not true! We all express our deepest love through our creativity. What makes you curious? How do you use your play time? Where do you feel awe?


Have you asked these questions since you were a child? If not, you have come to the right place!

Nurture Your Creativity

When you hear the word, creativity, do you feel tired? Do you roll your eyes? Do you feel angry or resentful?


These are all sure-fire signs that your creativity has been packed away in box waiting patiently – or not so patiently! – for you to pop the lid. Our creative urge is our lifeforce. When we hide it away, tamp it down, kick it or ignore it, just like emotions, our creativity will be heard.


How that voice will be heard is up to you. Would you like to be at the reins? Or surprised when your creativity decides to express itself in the middle of a meeting? Or a family dinner?


I created the free ebook, Nurture Your Creativity, as a treasure chest of wisdom from artists, artisans, entrepreneurs, and other creative folks.


Experience the inspiration of hearing what these brilliant creators do when they feel creatively blocked.


Yes! Do. The actions each person takes.


Nurture Your Creativity is a manifesto of creative action. Ready + waiting for you to sign up and get it for free! Fill your name and email in the magic key box and get this box of brilliance.

Creative Breakthroughs

Seeking creative breakthroughs? Wondering where your creativity is hiding? Wondering why you feel tired?


This online course steps you through the process to light your fire. We all need a guide to give us permission to take a step back, pause, and look at our lives. This course offers you that opportunity.


Take the lid off your desires. Pop the lock on your curiosity!


Creativity is intimately connected to living a vibrant life. Embrace the message of your inner wisdom.


Sign up for your power.


Coming in Spring, 2016.

Strategic Guide

If you prefer to work one-on-one, I offer hourly services to guide you through a strategic issue with your creativity or your creative business. Sometimes a block needs a listening ear and wise reflection.


Send me an email. I respond within 48 hours during the business week (Monday-Friday).

Speaking Engagements

Running a creative conference? Looking for an author to speak at your school? I value opportunities to speak to small groups about the creative process and genuine expression.


Send me an email.


Do you feel creatively blocked? Sign up to receive this beautiful guide from 15 creators sharing how they overcome blocks and reignite their creative fire!