Writing with Company

Writing with Company

IMG_0938My most exciting creative discovery this year is how much I love to write with others.

I am not talking about collaboration, though that is also fun. I mean coordinating with a beloved friend to write in the same room, at the same time, in glorious quiet. As everyone knows, and the mythology loves to reinforce, writing is a rather solitary pursuit. Making the sociable part of me incredibly restless.

I adore creating. I plunge deep into a story and stay there. And as much as I love storytelling, my inner child goes bonkers when left all alone for hours on end. She pops up from the chair on a regular basis as though searching for her missing playmate.

Fortuitously, I found two writers who were game to experiment with the process. Could two creators sit in the same room for hours and produce as much as they would when writing alone? Was it possible to sit together and not feel pulled to chat or distract? Would having another person nearby interfere with the flow?

Much to my delight, not only did the process work – for anywhere from four to seven hours – but I wrote faster. Faster! I was shocked. Somehow, having company and the focus of another writer in the room calmed my inner storyteller … and out poured the words.

The first time, I assumed it might be a fluke. After more sessions, and experimenting with two colleagues, I am convinced this is the ideal way to write. Throw in a fun locale and you have even more incentive for the daily output. We’ve gone on retreats where we focus on creating during the day then relaxing and socializing in the evening.

Maybe it’s the novelty of writing with company. I prefer to believe we are more vital and creative with loving support. Being an artist does not mean you have to suffer in exchange for your gift. Being an artist means innovating and expressing…including how we live our creativity.

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Kate Tremills
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