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Meet Kate

Kate is an author, speaker, and creativity expert. She is the bestselling creator of four fantasy novels and a contributor to Elle Canada and ScreenTalk magazines.

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Kate Tremills

Creativity is a gift

I believe that your creativity is the way to discover your heart's path. And your soul's delight.

After years in the film biz, Kate was exhausted from burnout culture. She took a break and found she had willfully ignored her intuition for years.


She played with uniting her mystical practices and her creative process. She soon noticed that moon cycles and self-awareness made creativity fun again! And began a rhythm of meditation and journaling.


When Kate listened to her intuitive wisdom, her productivity soared! And she found that makers, artists, and entrepreneurs were inspired by this intuitive way to tend their creative flame.

I trust where my creativity takes me

Kate Tremills creative podcast
Kate Tremills meditation teacher
Kate Tremills guest blog contributor

 Speaking & Podcasts

Kate's been a guest speaker at creative conferences and women's events. She loves to contribute and is passionate about conversations that empower women to lead. Book a call to discuss having her speak at your event.

Meditations & Courses

As a teacher on Insight Timer, Kate shares meditations to connect with your intuition, inspiration, and creative cycle. If you want to set intentions or spark your creative fire, she's got you covered! Follow Kate on Insight Timer. 

Magazines & Blogs

As a contributor to several magazines, Kate loves to lend her perspective to guest writing. Her experience in the film, publishing, and high tech worlds brings a unique style to her writing. Reach out if you'd like Kate to contribute.

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