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Creative Peaks and Valleys

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Every project, whether it’s a book or a business, has its creative peaks and valleys. The key to staying inspired is to pay attention to this flow.

There is a natural rhythm to creating. And though productivity gets the most fanfare, taking time to stoke the flame is equally important. I call this creative nourishment. Like our bodies, our creativity needs rest, fuel, kindness, and yes, even stretching.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, shares her technique of going for an artist’s date. A solo expedition specifically designed to inspire and re-invigorate creative energy. I have always needed these dates much to the puzzlement of other people in my life. And if you are a maker, artist, or entrepreneur, I believe you need these dates at least once each week.

As creatives, we burn an enormous amount of inspirational calories. Our creative energy needs to be fed. This is where artist’s dates come in. While you may not identify as an artist, I encourage you to be honest about how often you use your creative imagination.

Creative peaks and valleys with the moon

Whether it is to create an email campaign, pitch a client, brainstorm a new way to inspire your team, or developing a new workflow. These are intensely creative activities.

You will burn out and grow resentful and frustrated if you do not proactively tend to your amazing (and much-needed) creative energy. It is the lifeforce of your joy and your wealth!

My kind of inspiration will differ from yours, depending on your energy type. Extroverts refuel differently than introverts.

Take some time today to ask yourself the question, “What lights me up? What is my go-to experience when I need to feel inspired?”

Even better, pull out your journal and write it down. Refer to your list at the end of each week, and book an artist’s date. You’ll be amazed how it will re-ignite your creative passion.

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