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The Feminine is Your Fuel

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

In a world that denies the feminine, we find ourselves exhausted and burnt out. We were taught to keep driving, pushing, hustling. Believing our performance is a solo act.⁠ Traditional leadership and entrepreneur culture encourages this approach. ⁠ EXCEPT ...⁠ it is a recipe for burnout. 🔥 Without stopping, resting, listening, connecting with something bigger, we end up feeling completely depleted.⁠

Elegant and joyful creative woman

We are designed to rest. To pause. To reflect.⁠ This STILL feels uncomfortable for me. Yet, it is when I feel most supported. And loved.⁠ It's also when I get my best ideas. The feminine is our fuel. It replenishes us and gives us what we need to take that next hill. Climb that mountain.⁠ Give yourself the gift of a pause. You may be surprised by what shows up.

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