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5 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

5 ways to spark your creativity

I'll admit, the beginning of a new year can create mixed energy for me.

On the one hand, there's a part of me that LOVES a fresh slate. Every new month, every new moon. I am ALL IN for a new beginning.

On the other hand, I get overwhelmed by all the hype. Change this, sort that! Make yourself over, pronto!

How about you? What shows up for you at the beginning of the new year?

Do you like fresh starts?

Do they excite you or intimidate you?

Do you get nervous, excited, or both?

I get nervous, and I like to take all that energy and direct it toward my next dream. My desired goal. The vision or idea that puts fluttery butterflies in my tummy.

Creativity Brings Fresh Hope to Your Life!

If there's one thing I believe in, it's that we wake up every day with the power and possibility to create our life. That's why you came here. That's what your Soul-Self wants.

And if it makes you nervous or angry, GREAT! Roll with that. Feel it. Explore it. Ask it questions.

I trust that you know in your heart that there's a creative dream, desire, and project calling you forward in 2024. Heck. Maybe there's seven dreams calling you forward!

I share these five ways to spark your creativity to help jump start your creative fire.

1. Grab Your Favourite Song.

When you play music, your energy shifts. If you want an excited, sultry, or weepy vibe, you can find a song for it. Playing that song is a quick trick to get your creativity flowing and shift you into the right mood.

2. Pour Out Those Feels in a Journal.

I'm a big believer in journals. I use them for feelings, ideas, habits, and even to doodle when the mood strikes. If you're bursting (and overwhelmed) with ideas, pour them onto the page. If you're stuck, write whatever comes to mind. I promise that your words and feelings will show you the way.

3. Listen to a Podcast/Audiobook.

When I'm feeling tired or defeated, I put on my favourite podcast. I think of these creators as my peers, mentors, and faraway friends. Borrow their enthusiasm and ideas to get your own fire started. We all need a friend (or five) on this journey.

4. Chat with a Creative Friend.

Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, a quick chat with a dear friend (especially a fellow creative) can light you right up! I talk to many friends over WhatsApp, Telegram, Voxer, and occasionally the phone. Reach out, and dare to ask for a lift.

5. Move that Gorgeous Body.

Movement is a gift from the goddess! Within minutes of walking, dancing, or jumping rope, you'll notice your stress and blocks melt away. The energy shifts, and fresh notions come in. The creative process LOVES a movement break. Treat yourself today!

I hope these ideas inspire you and spark your inspiration. For more encouragement, tips, and products that support you, join my newsletter.

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