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Spark Up Your Creative Habits for the New Year

creative habits for 2024

As we approach a new year, I have two creative habits that I practice.

The first habit is to remind myself to have fun.

If you're someone who has a thousand friends and a hundred groups, you may not need this reminder! 😆

As a little girl, I was more immersed in stories and imagination than people. As an adult, that translated into focusing more on my creative projects and businesses than social events.

So, at this delightful time of year, full of lights and sparkle and holiday craft markets, I make it a point to go out and soak it all in. Preferably with a dear friend or three!

Fueling Your Joy is an Essential Creative Habit

Tending to your inspiration is key to being a joyful and vibrant creative.

A ton of attention is paid to production and word counts and newsletter subscribers. Which is important - after all, if you're sharing your creative work with the world, you want it reach your audience.

But a constant emphasis on production is the road to burnout. I want you to LOVE what you do as much as possible.

That means filling your joy tank -- leaving your keyboard behind and sourcing inspiration in the world or in the pages of a fun book.

The second habit is to invite ideas for the new year.

Seek those ideas now, ahead of the crazy energy after January 1st. This habit makes room for curiosity. And gets a boost from the delightful new moon, uplifting you to imagine great things!

The New Moon Dares You to Dream Big

I grew up with a LOT of emphasis on the practical. The achievable. And not a lot of encouragement to dream big. I understand why - my parents wanted to raise self-sufficient kids. And they did!

So when I encourage you to dream - and dream big - know that I whisper that message to myself. That it's a habit I need to remember - and tend regularly.

What better time of year to find stories of big dreams and magical adventures! Read them, watch them, share them with a book club.

And you'll discover sparks of hope for 2024. ✨

Join my newsletter to receive steady inspiration and encouragement. Every creative person deserves to have a posse that cheers her on!

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